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We offer a wide variety of consultancy options ranging from fully-managed services, see "IT Manager", to advising on best policy for maintaining a single PC.

In fact, we can help you in every area where the provision of information through technology is key to your business.

The way companies operate has not changed in principle but the tools they use have developed at a speed that is difficult for non-IT specialists to keep up with.

How can you be sure your business is reaping the full benefits of your IT investment? Which new technology is right for you?

The answer often lies beyond the day-to-day skills and scope of the in-house IT department, if you have one?

Drawing upon 24 years of IT experience, Applied Software will work alongside your staff, in partnership with your business, to review, monitor and tune existing systems.

The benefits can be considerable, with significant time and cost savings and an overall improvement in IT performance. All of which can only be good news for your business.