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Applied Software can assist companies to face new challenges which need the best available strategic resource without the long-term commitment.

Company re-structuring, changes in policy, mergers, sudden changes in personnel – there are many reasons why your business may have to cope with a range of problems about which your staff have no knowledge.

End-users who have not used an Interim Manager tend to have mixed views about interim management. Whilst they appreciate specialist knowledge/experience and the ability to raise skill levels, availability and speedy outputs, they are also concerned over costs, demotivating existing staff and a knowledge gap at the end of the contract.

A recent survey of users found that 77% Managers felt positive about interim management, with the areas of advantage being – specialist skills, no challenge to the permanent staff, enthusiasm, new ideas, flexibility, focus, time constraint forces results, access to top management skills for the period, no ambitions within client company, twice as effective as staff, dedicated to client not to a Consultancy, frees staff to manage day-to-day business.

We acknowledge there will always be internal politics but this should be assessed at the beginning of the contract and addressed. With regard, to a knowledge gap we believe we can give continuity and support as and when required after the contract on ad hoc basis or a support contract.