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Expanding - need IT support but can not afford a full time IT Manager

Independent advice on IT Policy

With the ever-increasing complexity of systems in communication , applications and networks, when do you find the time to:-

  • manage the systems that you already utilise ... downtime is loss of revenue
  • maintain an up-to-date IT policy and comply to the Data Protection Act
  • plan and implement training schedules for your staff to improve efficiency and job satisfaction
  • keep the systems secure - not only in case of equipment failure but also from the outside world
  • continually review your disaster recovery and business continuity plans
    look to the future

We can offer an alternative.

Acting on a fixed known weekly / monthly / annual fee which is tailored to your specific needs we can take the strain. When you expand to the point you need a full time IT Manager we can then take a backward step being used either for interim management or consultancy.